Dr. Julie Hollingsworth

Julie A. Hollingsworth - PhD, LCDC, ADC III
Doctor of Philosophy in Esoteric Studies, PhD

  • Energy Psychology Practitioner
  • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, LCDC
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor III, ADC III
  • Bachelor of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Internationally Certified ADC III

There is a time when one has to come to grips with the fact that there are things to be revealed to others that may not be comfortable to hear or acknowledge.  This is that time for me.  It is time for me to tell you exactly what I do to assist people on their journey to consciousness.  As I said before I am a counselor.  I am able to be much more than that today.  I do counseling and I have added energy psychology as a modality that I use along with working with the Angels, Ascended Masters, and God.  I know God to be an energy or being that we do not have the language to explain.  Some people call this energy Great Spirit, Spirit, the Universe, Nature, etc.

I am able to assist in clearing people of energies that have been with them or on them for long periods of time.  The Angels are able to remove such energies and take them to the light.  Light and Love are the only energies allowed in the work I do and amazing results have come from such clearing.  Energetic clearing mixed with counseling and processing seems to be a combination that has come to be my life work now.  As I went through my own process of removing and having things removed from my body, mind, and soul I became clearer and more conscious.  Consciousness is the goal and when you are in consciousness there is nothing that can move you.  You can also see through eyes that are clear of all of the wounding, trauma, fear and insecurities that come from being covered in all that you lived through and with.

Look at books like, “The Secret”, “As a Man Thinketh”, “Ask and It Is Given”, “The Four Agreements”, they are bestsellers, why?  The answer is people are looking for something to show them the way, not knowing that all of the answers are right there within.  This is what the Angels want to help you with and this is what you are able to achieve when you begin your journey into consciousness.  In consciousness there is no ego which some say stands for “Easing God Out” and it is true.  The ego is the false self created to serve you in a world that does not see you or anyone else as they really are.  Inside of you lives a world of light and love, compassion and empathy, humility and integrity.

“Love can accomplish anything and everything: cure diseases, heal wounded hearts, transform human minds.” -Amma

I am here to assist people on this journey, this is my purpose!