Work With Me

Angel Therapy

The Angels give me information to give to whomever I am assisting in their journey. They will tell me things that have been repressed, suppressed, and oppressed, consciously or unconsciously. It is easier when they are involved in the process because they can see what needs to be brought up and cleared away. I will tell you that they will bring things from the past, present, and future. They will bring statements from loved ones, things that you are thinking and not saying, and others to help in your healing. It is nothing to be afraid of; they love you and want nothing more than to help. They love to be invited into your lives!

Energy Clearing

There is energy in the world that gets on us from other people, negative beings, old wounding, unresolved fear, anger, pain, etc. We were not taught that we don’t have to carry all of this around with us and on us. There are clearing modalities that can remove such things so that you can be free of what might be holding you back. I can assist you with this clearing process to help restore you to balance. For a quick energy clearing right now, click here.

Equine Assisted Counseling

Horses are enlightened beings and are able to show you who you are. They are prey animals and do not attack in the way a dog or cat do. They are more like deer. Horses will mirror you and help you bring your shadow, wounding, or avoidance to the surface. These beautiful animals can help heal you in ways that you can’t imagine. They will love you where you are, for some that is more valuable than anything.

Spiritual Counseling

Our goal here is to help you awaken spiritually so that you can be spiritually conscious. Consciousness is the optimal state. It is transparent and simple. There are no lies to yourself or others and there is no room for gossip, drama, criticism, judgment, or projection. From this place you can see that everything that happens to you is about you and gives you opportunity to heal and grow. If taken personally the opportunity dies.

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